Updated: Wear BT Monitor 1.23

Wear BT Monitor is an app to alert you when the Bluetooth connection is lost or restored between your Android phone and your WearOS watch. This update mutes the alert sound when your device is in vibrate-only or silent mode.

Updated: Wear BT Monitor 1.22

Wear BT Monitor will give you a visible notification when your watch disconnects / reconnects from your phone, along with an optional vibration. This update now shows the name of the device that your watch or phone is connected to.

Updated: When I’m Home 1.02

When I’m Home is an app for WearOS watches which allows you to set a reminder which automatically triggers when you return home. This update provides a tile which is compatible with WearOS 4.

Updated: Tennis Swing Analyser 2.12

Our app to analyse your tennis swing for Android phones and WearOS watches is updated to fix a bug when parsing the filename to derive the date & time of your session and the name of your profile.

Updated: Wear Installer 2.13

Our general purpose installer for Wear OS watches has been updated to be able to grant system overlay permission to our Vibrate The Time app. The latest Wear OS 4 update for Samsung watches has stopped this permission being granted directly on the watch.

Updated: Wear Logger 1.57

This update to our personal fitness app for Wear OS watches and Android phones fixes a problem with wet mode / touch lock on Wear OS 4 devices.

Updated: Tennis Swing Analyser 2.11

This update to our tennis analysis app for Wear OS watches and Android phones fixes wet mode / touch lock for Wear OS 4 devices.

Updated Wear Installer 1.14

Our original Android app to sideload WearOS apps is still being updated 🙂 This new version adds extra information about using with WearOS 4 watches.

Updated: Wear Installer 2.11

Wear Installer 2 is our general purpose installer for WearOS devices, which runs on Android phones. This update adds further information and help for watches running WearOS 4.