How Freepoc started

Freepoc was started in 1999 by co-founders Ewan Spence and Adrian Pemsel. Their idea was to write and publish software for Psion palmtops running the EPOC operating system, which were very popular with geeks and enthusiasts at that time.  Ewan and Adrian had two conditions: the software should be high quality and it should be 100% freeware – no nag screens, adverts or other requests for payment.  They brought together a group of like-minded hobbyist developers under the FreEPOC brand (as in Free & EPOC), which we have now slightly renamed to Freepoc.

Sadly the Psion palmtops – and the Symbian mobile phones that were their natural successors – disappeared from the scene several years ago.  However on this website you’ll find links to many innovative apps which made those devices interesting and fun to use. Psion palmtops and Symbian phones do come up on sites like eBay; it is still amazing what these devices can do. If you do have one of these devices then feel free to download any of our legacy software.

Freepoc Today

While most of the original Freepoc developers have moved onto bigger and better things, there is still some ongoing development. A couple of our original EPOC apps have been ported and enhanced to run on PCs, Macs and Linux and also on Android. We also have quite a few new apps for Android phones and WearOS watches. You’ll see updates appear from time to time on our home page and the latest versions are always available in our Downloads section. Still 100% freeware!

Active Freepoc developers

Malcolm Bryant

Previous Freepoc developers (with links to websites where known)

Adrian Pemsel (co-founder): http://www.adrianpemsel.de

Ewan Spence (co-founder): http://www.ewanspence.co.uk

Arjen Broeze: http://opldev.broeze.eu/

Ian Chapple

Wolfgang Golder

Stephen Goldsmith

Martin Guthrie

Chris Handley: http://cshandley.co.uk

Pascal Nicolas

Mark O’Neill

Nicolas Piguet

Dave Rushall: http://www.piecafe.co.uk

Reuben Thomas: https://rrt.sc3d.org