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Updated: Jabp 2.60     2015-01-16

The Windows, MacOS and Linux version of our personal finance software is updated to provide enhanced functionality when synchronising data with JabpLite via Dropbox.

Updated: Transaction 1.01     2015-01-14

Our 'helper' application Transaction for entering transactions to JabpLite via Android Wear is updated. This new version includes user interface improvements on both the wearable device and the main Android OS device.

Transaction is included in the distribution zips for Jabp and JabpLite.

Updated: JabpLite 2.00     2015-01-01

Happy New Year!

We have a new major version release for our personal finance application JabpLite. This release incorporates support for voice input within the Quick Start menu on compatible Android devices. Using voice input can be a convenient and fast way of entering transactions 'on the go'.

A helper application called Transaction is included which allows voice input to JabpLite via Android wearables. Full instructions are included within the distribution zip.

There are a number of other small improvements and bug fixes.

Updated: jTextLite 1.07     2014-10-11

Double-tapping within the Android version of jTextLite will enable cut / copy / paste functions. So the previous Update Off function, which was introduced to enable cut / copy / paste, is not required and has been removed. A couple of other bugs have been fixed.

A new Preference has been added to start with the Recent Files list.

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