Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.06

Our app to vibrate the time on WearOS watches is updated to comply with Google Play Store requirements.

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.05

Our app for WearOS devices to vibrate the time is updated so that installing the phone app from the Play Store also installs the watch app and vice versa.

Updated: Jabp & JabpLite 4.72

Our personal finance apps for Windows / MacOS / Linux and for Android are updated with the following changes:

  • Fixed bug which could cause crash after deleting account
  • Fixed bug where account totals were not updating after currency rate update

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.03

Our app to vibrate the time on WearOS devices is updated with the following changes:

  • New option: use 24 hour clock
  • New option: override start and end times for scheduled vibrations

Updated: Wear Tile Launcher 1.01

Wear Tile Launcher creates a tile of your four favourite apps. This update allows you to long-tap on any app and select an individual activity.

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.02

Vibrate The Time is updated with the following changes:

  • More reliable scheduled vibrations
  • New feature: double-twist to activate
  • New setting: optionally override Do Not Disturb

New: Vibrate The Time 1.01

Vibrate The Time is an app designed for visually-impaired users to vibrate the time on a WearOS watch. The vibration pattern can be customised from the companion Android phone app.

Updated: Wear BT Monitor 1.17

Wear BT Monitor monitors the Bluetooth connection between your Android phone and WearOS watch and alerts you on disconnects and reconnects. This update asks for notification permission, per the latest Android guidelines.

Updated: Tennis Swing Analyser 2.05

As the name suggests, Tennis Swing Analyser analyses your tennis swing from the WearOS watch on your wrist and provides analytics to your Android phone. This update adds a foreground service to the watch app to continue monitoring if the app moves to background.

Updated: Wear Reminder 2.21

Wear Reminder 2 replicates Google reminders and other information from your Android phone to your WearOS watch. This update is to comply with Google Play Store’s target API requirements.