New: Wear Media Toggle 1.00

A utility app to toggle media between ‘play’ and ‘pause’ each time it runs. On Samsung Galaxy watches, WMT can be mapped to a long-press of the top or bottom hardware button with SPayRemap.

Updated: SPayRemap 1.03

SPayRemap is an app for Samsung Galaxy watches running WearOS. The app will reassign a long press of the top button (normally Bixby) to open any other installed app. Similarly the app will reassign a long press of the bottom button (normally Samsung Pay) to open any other installed app.

Updated: Notification Log 2.04

Notification Log 2 is a utility app for Android phones to replicate the system notification history log that was removed in Android 11. This update now shows the entire notification text for each incoming notification.

Updated: Wear Logger 1.66

Our personal fitness app for WearOS watches and Android phones is updated to fix a bug when announcing laps while using imperial measurements.

New: Anti Burn In Watchface 1.00

This simple analogue watchface ensures that no element remains static on the screen. It is based on the Google Pixel Analogue watchface but rebuilt using the new watchface format which is supported from WearOS 4 onwards. This is the watchface that I use myself (I prefer simple, efficient and uncluttered watchfaces). Note that complications are not supported.

Updated: Wear GPS Fix 1.14

Wear GPS Fix gets a GPS fix for your WearOS device while showing you the status of the found satellites, then opens your preferred fitness app. This updates adds support for the SportsWerk fitness app.

Updated: Wear GPS Fix 1.13

Wear GPS Fix obtains a GPS fix using the onboard GPS module on your WearOS device and then immediately opens your chosen fitness app. This update introduces an experimental feature to reset the GPS cache.

Updated: Wear Logger 1.65

Our personal fitness app for Android phones and WearOS watches is updated to add a new option ‘Force full GNSS measurements’

Updated: Wear GPS Fix 1.12

Wear GPS Fix obtains a GPS fix using the watch’s onboard GPS module and, while doing so, displays the real-time status of the GPS satellites. Once a fix is obtained, your chosen fitness app is automatically launched. This update adds support for two new fitness apps.