Updated: Wear Two Launcher 1.01

Our launcher for WearOS 4 devices was inspired by the default WearOS 2 launcher. This update allows the app to be opened from the app list. It also has some improvements to pinned apps.

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.16

Our WearOS app for the visually-impaired, along with a companion Android app, has the following changes:

  • Fix a scheduled end time issue
  • Default to system setting for 12 or 24 hour clock on first use
  • Respect Do Not Disturb settings on the watch for scheduled vibrations and double-twist-to-activate
  • Removes the need to wait until screen timeout has elapsed.

Updated: Jabp & JabpLite 4.73

Our personal finance apps for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android are updated with the following change:

  • Fixed bug where Get API Key option in Investment View wasn’t working

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.15

This WearOS app is designed for visually-impaired users. When started, the app will vibrate the time, the pattern can be selected from the companion phone app. This update has the following changes:

  • Allow scheduled vibrations to be silent when TalkBack is enabled
  • Fix for VTT being removed from Recents list

Updated: Wear Logger 1.68

Our personal fitness app for WearOS watches and Android phones is updated with the following change:

  • Resolved error in Garmin upload process, due to server-side changes in Garmin Connect

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.13

Our app to vibrate the time on your WearOS watch is updated to reduce the delay after vibrations for the app to return to the home screen.

Updated: Wear Logger 1.67

Our personal fitness app for Android phones and WearOS watches has the following changes:

* Improved reliability of spoken announcements

Updated: Vibrate The Time 1.11

Our app for Android phones and WearOS watches to vibrate the time is updated to provide extra configuration options for use with TalkBack.