Updated: When I’m Home 1.03

When I’m Home is an app for WearOS devices which enables you to record a message directly from your watch. You will receive a notification and optionally have the message read out when you return home. This update makes it easier to start the app from a tile.

Updated: Tennis Swing Analyser 2.14

As the name suggests, Tennis Swing Analyser is an app to analyse your tennis swing. It runs on WearOS watches and Android phones (both devices are required). This latest version has the following changes:

  • Added real time of shot to CSV file format
  • Added new ‘Watch start screen’ option to phone app
  • Watch app now remembers last practice screen setting
  • New accuracy filter option to filter shots below a minimum swing speed
  • Added auto-lock feature to lock watch screen, useful when in wet or humid conditions
  • Removed ‘Run this app on phone’ toast when starting practice session

Updated: Wear Logger 1.63

Our personal fitness app for WearOS watches and Android phones is updated to fix a bug that could affect upper display on watch.

Updated: Wear Reminder 2.27

Our app to send Google reminders and other information to WearOS watches is updated to work better with the Samsung Wearable phone app.

Updated: Wear Battery Monitor 1.11

Wear Battery Monitor is an app to warn users if their WearOS watch is experiencing abnormal battery drain. This update adds new features to add custom low battery warning(s).

Updated: Wear Reminder 2.26

A further update to our app to send reminders and other Google content to WearOS watches. This update fixes a problem with the Play Store version on the watch.

Updated: Wear Tile Launcher 1.04

Wear Tile Launcher allows you to pin four favourite apps so that you can open them directly from a tile. This update also adds Wear Tile Launcher to the Google Play Store.

Updated: Wear Reminder 2.25

Wear Reminder 2 sends Google reminders and other content from your Android phone to your WearOS watch. This update is to conform with new WearOS guidelines.

Updated: Wear Tile Launcher 1.02

Wear Tile Launcher allows you to launch your 4 favourite apps directly from a tile. This update adds compatibility for devices running WearOS 4.

Updated: Wear Logger 1.62

Our personal fitness app for Android phones and WearOS watches is updated to write data to Health Connect.