Updated: Wear Logger 1.06

This update to our fitness app for Android / Wear OS has the following changes:

  • Can now open GPX and CSV files from ‘Manage data files’ screen via Use button
  • Can now select Google Fit activity type for upload
  • New advanced option: enable/disable heart rate monitor
  • New advanced option: set sampling rate in seconds
  • New advanced option: discard/keep data points where distance < accuracy

Updated: Wear Logger 1.05

This update to our fitness tracking app for Wear OS devices has the following changes:

  • New option to set ambient mode on watch display
  • Added distance and speed to CSV file
  • Touching screen to replicate button presses now only enabled when buttons are not present on device
  • Added more details to Help screen

Updated: JabpLite 4.45

This update for our Android personal finance app has the following changes:

  • Update to create pending transaction for monthly interest from Starling notification
  • Fixed bug when receiving funds in Revolut from other Revolut users

Updated: Jabp 4.45

This update for our desktop personal finance program has minor changes for compatibility with JabpLite.

Updated: Wear Logger 1.04

Here is the changelog for this update to our activity tracking app for Wear OS watches:

  • Watch app now checks for Location and Sensors permissions
  • Watch app now checks for presence of GPS module and heart rate monitor module

Updated: Wear Logger 1.03

We have updated our Wear OS app for tracking runs and uploading to Google Fit with the following changes:

  • Added option to show current pace instead of heart rate on watch display
  • Added pace smoothing option, default is 20 seconds
  • Added option to write CSV files
  • Stored data files now include GPX and CSV files as well as DAT files
  • Improved accuracy at start of activity
  • Added option to delete multiple data files
  • Added error checking of number inputs
  • Changed filename format to exclude “:” character

Updated: Wear Logger 1.02

Here are the changes for this latest release of our run/walk logging app for Wear OS devices, which includes the ability to upload data to Google Fit:

  • Added option to vibrate at fixed distance intervals
  • Added option to write GPX files
  • Added phone notification when data are transferred from watch to phone
  • Fixed bug where watch and phone wouldn’t remember metric/imperial setting
  • Prevent session being sent to Google Fit with too few data points
  • Prevent session being sent to Google Fit with too many data points (1000 limit)

Updated: Wear Logger 1.01

Here are the changes for this version:

  • Added touch support for watches without hardware buttons
  • Fixed minor bug with delete data option
  • Better compatibility with 390×390 screens

New: Wear Logger 1.00

This is the first release of our app to log runs on a Wear OS watch and upload the details to Google Fit.