Updated: Jabp 4.07

A minor update for our personal finance program for PC/Mac/Linux. Here is the changelog: * Various improvements when using Jabp4 on a USB drive and moving between operating systems (eg. Windows <-> Linux) * Fixed bug where top pane wouldn’t correctly reset title after using Graph View * Fixed bug which would cause exception when […]

Updated: JabpLite 4.07

A bug fix update for our personal finance software for Android devices. Here is the changelog: * Fixed bug when pressing back key in Import/Export menu * Improved detection of Dropbox directory (would lead to app crashing on some devices) * Fixed problem with Set Directory routine (would lead to app crashing on some devices)

Our personal finance software: a note about security

You’ve probably read articles in the media about phishing scams, malware, hacking and other bad things which can happen when using PC or mobile software. So we wanted to take a moment to talk about the security of our personal finance software Jabp4 for PC/Mac/Linux and JabpLite4 for Android. The first thing to say is […]

Updated: JabpLite 4.06

The main feature in this release is the addition of fingerprint authentication as an alternative to using a password. There are also improvements to Google Pay processing plus various other small enhancements. Here is the changelog: * Added fingerprint authentication for supported phones. Can be turned on or off in the Password option. * New […]

Updated: Jabp 4.06

Some small enhancements for our desktop personal finance program. Here is the changelog: * New Preference: ask before processing standing orders * Using menu key on keyboard now brings up a popup or canvas menu in the main views * Fixed bug when navigating to a Transaction View from the home screen by pressing a […]

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the new Freepoc website! After some months where Freepoc was unavailable due to a protracted server change, we’re very pleased to be back. Here you’ll find download links to our legacy EPOC software plus our current personal finance software for PC/Mac/Linux and Android. There’s some details about the origins of Freepoc in the […]