Updated JabpLite 4.14

This update to our Android personal finance app has a number of changes required by Android Q. In particular, there are changes to the synchronisation process using Dropbox and when using Google Pay on watches running Wear OS:

  • Several changes required for compatibility with forthcoming Android Q
  • Android Q: changes to Dropbox synchronisation (see updated document in distribution zip)
  • Android Q: Google Pay functions moved from GPWearHelper to main JabpLite4 program (see updated document in distribution zip)
  • Android Q: allow for internal storage read/write restrictions
  • Android Q: MySpending helper app will no longer work from Android Q onwards
  • Android Q: default directory for Import / Export is now Android/data/org.freepoc.jabplite4/files/
  • Jabp.sync and JabpLite.sync now encrypted when using Sync function
  • Fixed bug which would cause crash if selecting Cancel in Import/Export QIF/OFX/CSV function