Installing legacy watch apks: alternative method

In the unlikely event that Wear Installer is not successfully transferring and installing a WearOS app from your phone to your watch, here is an alternative method to try.

  1. Run Wear Installer on your phone and find the app to be transferred to your watch from the installed apps list. Note that only apps where the developers have embedded a watch apk inside the phone app can be transferred.
  2. Long-tap the desired phone app: this will extract the embedded watch apk (if there is one) and place it in the Downloads directory on your phone.
  3. Install Easy Fire Tools (EFT) onto your phone from the Google Play Store (there is nothing to install on your watch).
  4. Set up your watch for ADB over wifi (you should have already done this when following the previous Wear Installer instructions).
  5. In the EFT app, find Settings > Connection settings and enter your watch’s IP address in the space provided.
  6. Tap the connection icon at the top right of the screen and follow the instructions; it should turn green for a successful connection.
  7. Select Custom APK file and tap the ‘Select file’ button. Then tap the three horizontal lines (top left of screen) and then Open from Downloads.
  8. Select the watch APK file which Wear Installer has just created and tap Install.
  9. Your watch apk should be installed to your watch and you can then tap the green connection icon to disconnect. Remember to turn off ADB debugging on your watch.

Note: Freepoc has no association with the Easy Fire Tools app.